Erika MacDonald

Solo Performer | Theater Artist


The Barn Identity

a solo show by Erika MacDonald
musical underscoring by Paul Strickland

Erika MacDonald went to the Emergency Room because of a movie she saw. Now she's obsessed with Falling-Down Barns.

Through storytelling, music, and inventive design, this theatrical essay explores the usefulness of beauty in one's life as the performer looks back at her first recognized encounter with her own mental illness.

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Tap Me on the Shoulder





90 Lies an Hour: Paul Strickland

Written & Performed by Paul Strickland

Erika has directed Paul Strickland's theatrical solo work since 2014, including award-winning shows Balls of Yarns (2017), 90 Lies an Hour (2019), UnTrueBadour (2022) and more.

90 Lies an Hour premiered at the 2019 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

Stow Your Baggage

Written & Performed by Alexx Rouse

Erika has directed many solo Fringe performers, including Alexx Rouse (Busted Bumpers, 2017; Stow Your Baggage, 2019) and Kate Mock Elliott (seXmas Cards, 2019).

Stow Your Baggage premiered at the 2019 Cincinnati Fringe Festival

All-One! The Dr. Bronner's Play

Written by Beth Hyland

L. Lucía Duque
Ian Timothy Forsgren
Erin McCamley
Elizabeth Chinn Molloy
Willemien Patterson
R. Deandre Smith

Premiered in 2023 at Know Theatre of Cincinnati


AWAY, NOW: The World's Most Desired Destination

"Shopping in Away, Now," paper bag mask scene (pictured above), suitcase toy theater scenes with paper puppets, suitcase toy theater with shadow puppets, designed and built by Erika, written and performed together with Paul Strickland

A Theatre Mobile original production

Premiered at 2021 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival


"Dulce" puppets (as pictured above) and "Deer" puppets, made from cardboard, string and brown paper, designed and built by Erika, in consultation with set designer Sarah Beth Hall

Puppeteered by Elizabeth Molloy
Script by Karen Hartman
Directed by Holly Derr

Premiered in 2018 at Know Theatre of Cincinnati

13 Dead Dreams of "Eugene"

Shadow puppet play with moving handheld light sources, conceived, designed, written and performed together with Paul Strickland

A Theatre Mobile original production

 Premiered at 2016 Twin Cities Horror Festival


Erika MacDonald

Erika MacDonald is an internationally-touring theater-maker whose original works have been featured Off-Broadway and have won "Best of Fest" honors on over 10 different occasions at Fringe Theater Festivals across the U.S. and Canada. 

Erika is known for her award-winning original solo shows The Barn Identity, Evacuated!, Tap Me on the Shoulder, and Fluid, as well as her thoughtful and meticulous solo show directing and innovative puppet designs. Her shadow puppet adaptation of Carnival of the Animals was commissioned by Madcap Puppets and featured at the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra. 

Erika is also known for the entertaining and unique two-person shows she creates and performs together with her partner in art and life Paul Strickland. Their shadow puppet horror play 13 Dead Dreams of "Eugene" was an official selection at the Twin Cities Horror Fest and was presented Off Broadway at the historic Soho Playhouse. 

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When she is not on the road or on the stage, Erika currently makes her home just off the coast of Cincinnati, in Covington, Kentucky.

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Photo Credits (from top, all photos are of Erika MacDonald unless otherwise indicated): Jonathan Rodriguez (banner, performing Evacuated!); personal (writing, seated on fire escape); Dan Norman (with Paul Strickland, performing 13 Dead Dreams of "Eugene"); Jonathan Rodriguez (pointing, performing Evacuated!); Paul Strickland (photo and graphic design, show image The Barn Identity); Dan Winters with graphic design by Paul Strickland (show image Evacuated!); Patrick Shannon (performing Tap Me on the Shoulder); Jonathan Farmer (promotional photo Fluid); Jeff Burkle (Erika MacDonald, Paul Strickland, performing Away, Now); Dan R. Winters (Elizabeth Molloy, Nicole Jeannine Smith, performing SuperTrue); Dan Norman (silhouette Erika MacDonald, performing 13 Dead Dreams of "Eugene"); Jonathan Rodriguez (bio photo, performing Evacuated!)