The Barn Identity

"As if pulled straight from a Joni Mitchell song, Erika MacDonald's solo show weaves a magic spell...
An absolute delight."

- Luke Dodge, KC Fringe Official Review of The Barn Identity

"Erika MacDonald is an extraordinary champion for unusual beauty and unsung strength — particularly what she sees in her “latest passion and strangest obsession,” barns in the process of collapse.

"If that seems like an odd subject to wax poetic about, The Barn Identity will change your mind

"This show will leave you breathless."

- 5/5 STARS
Saskatoon StarPhoenix
review of The Barn Identity

- 2023 Tampa International Fringe Festival

"Heartstrings Award"
- 2023 Orlando Fringe Winter Mini Fest

The Barn Identity

a solo show by Erika MacDonald
musical underscoring by Paul Strickland

Erika MacDonald went to the Emergency Room because of a movie she saw. Now she's obsessed with Falling-Down Barns.

Through storytelling, music, and inventive design, this theatrical essay explores the usefulness of beauty in one's life as the performer looks back at her first recognized encounter with her own mental illness.

60 minutes | Rated PG-13

SOLD OUT - Edmonton Fringe
SOLD OUT - Winnipeg Fringe
SOLD OUT - Cincinnati Fringe
PATRON'S PICK - Tampa Fringe

Photo Credits (from top, all photos are of Erika MacDonald unless otherwise indicated): Jonathan Rodriguez (banner, performing Evacuated!); Daniel Axler (performing The Barn Identity, Indianapolis Fringe Festival); Paul Strickland (photo and graphic design, show image The Barn Identity); Kelsey Trusty (performing The Barn Identity, Cincinnati Fringe Festival).